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Welcome to Portugal, a country that is not only known for its rich culture, stunning landscapes, and tasty cuisine, but also for its enticing investment opportunities. As a real estate agent in Portugal, I have had the pleasure of helping numerous international clients relocate to this beautiful country, and one of the most popular ways to do so is by obtaining Portugal citizenship by investment.

I have personally witnessed the benefits that come with investing in Portugal, not only in terms of financial return but also in terms of quality of life. In fact, I often joke with my clients that Portugal is such a great place to live that I am actually jealous of them!

Investing in property in Portugal opens up the possibility of obtaining citizenship by investment, which provides a multitude of advantages. Not only does it give you access to the European Union, but it also allows you to travel visa-free to over 180 countries, as well as to benefit from Portugal’s tax incentives and banking facilities.

But obtaining Portugal citizenship by investment is not just about the benefits, it’s also about the journey. From helping clients navigate the often complex bureaucracy of Portuguese immigration to finding the perfect property to call home, I have seen firsthand the ups and downs of this process and I am passionate about sharing my insights with those looking to invest in Portugal.

So, if you are considering relocating to Portugal and obtaining citizenship by investment, or if you just want to learn more about this exciting opportunity, then keep reading. I have a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences to share that will help guide you through this journey towards a new life in Portugal.

How can I get Portuguese citizenship through investment?

If you’re considering obtaining citizenship in Portugal, you may want to explore the Citizenship by Investment program. This program offers a straightforward way to gain residency and citizenship in Portugal for investors and their families.

What is the Portuguese Citizenship by Investment program?

The Portuguese Citizenship by Investment program is a fast-track option for investors who want to obtain residency and citizenship in Portugal. It allows investors and their family members to become Portuguese citizens by investing in the country’s economy.

The program was launched in 2012 and is aimed at attracting foreign investment to Portugal. It has been a successful way for investors to gain access to the European Union’s Schengen Area, which allows them to travel and conduct business freely within the region.

What are the requirements for the Portuguese Citizenship by Investment program?

The requirements for the Portuguese Citizenship by Investment program include:

  • A minimum investment of €500,000 in real estate
  • A deposit of €1 million in a Portuguese bank account
  • A minimum investment of €350,000 in research and development
  • A minimum investment of €250,000 in artistic or cultural activities
  • The creation of at least 10 jobs in Portugal

Investors must also meet the following criteria:

  • Be a non-EU citizen
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have a valid passport
  • Be in good health

How long does it take to obtain Portuguese citizenship through investment?

The process of obtaining Portuguese citizenship through investment can take up to six months. It involves several steps, including obtaining a residence permit, fulfilling the investment requirements, and passing a Portuguese language test.

After fulfilling all the requirements, investors can submit their application for citizenship. The process takes around 90 days, and once approved, investors can obtain their Portuguese passport and enjoy the benefits of being a citizen of Portugal.

What are the benefits of Portuguese citizenship?

Portuguese citizenship comes with several benefits, including:

  • Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area
  • The ability to live and work in Portugal and other EU countries
  • Access to high-quality healthcare and education systems
  • The ability to invest in the Portuguese economy
  • A favorable tax system for non-habitual residents

Additionally, Portugal is known for its high quality of life, beautiful landscapes, and friendly people, making it an attractive destination for investors and expats.


If you’re looking for a straightforward way to obtain Portuguese citizenship, the Citizenship by Investment program may be worth exploring. By investing in Portugal’s economy, you can gain residency and citizenship in the country, along with access to the Schengen Area and other benefits.

As a real estate agent in Portugal, I have helped many clients navigate the Portuguese bureaucracy and invest in the country’s real estate market. If you have any questions about the Citizenship by Investment program or investing in Portugal, feel free to contact me for more information.

Can you buy citizenship in Portugal?

If you’re considering obtaining citizenship in Portugal, you might be wondering if it’s possible to simply buy it. Citizenship by investment programs are becoming increasingly popular around the world, allowing investors to obtain residency and citizenship in a new country by making a significant investment.

So, can you buy citizenship in Portugal? The short answer is no, you cannot simply purchase Portuguese citizenship. However, there are residency by investment programs available that can lead to citizenship down the line.

The most common route for obtaining residency in Portugal is through the Golden Visa program. This program allows non-EU citizens to obtain residency in Portugal by making a qualifying investment in the country. The investment can be made in several ways, including real estate, business creation, or capital transfer.

After holding residency in Portugal for five years, investors can apply for citizenship. However, it’s important to note that citizenship is not guaranteed, and applicants must meet certain requirements, including demonstrating proficiency in the Portuguese language and having a clean criminal record.

It’s also worth noting that while the Golden Visa program does require a significant investment, it’s not a simple matter of buying citizenship. The investment must be made in a qualifying manner, and the application process can be complex and time-consuming.

So, while it’s not possible to simply buy citizenship in Portugal, the Golden Visa program does offer a path to obtaining residency and potentially citizenship through investment. If you’re considering this option, it’s important to do your research and work with a reputable investment and immigration advisor to ensure you meet all the requirements and maximize your chances of success.

As an experienced Portugal real estate agent, I’ve helped many clients navigate the Golden Visa program and other residency and citizenship by investment options in Portugal. If you’re interested in exploring these options, feel free to reach out for more information and practical tips on investing and navigating the Portuguese bureaucracy.

Does Portugal give citizenship if you buy property?

Are you considering obtaining Portuguese citizenship through investment in property? This is a common question among many individuals seeking citizenship or residency in Portugal. The good news is that Portugal does offer citizenship by investment, which includes the option to purchase property as a qualifying investment.

In 2012, the Portuguese government implemented the Golden Visa program to attract foreign investment into the country. The program offers residency permits to non-EU citizens who make a significant investment in Portugal. One of the qualifying investments is the purchase of a property worth at least €500,000.

The Golden Visa program has proven to be successful, with many investors taking advantage of the opportunity to obtain Portuguese residency and citizenship. As of 2021, over 9,000 Golden Visas have been issued, with Chinese and Brazilian nationals being the top investors.

While the Golden Visa program offers a route to citizenship, it is important to note that residency must first be obtained before citizenship can be applied for. The residency requirement is five years, with the option to apply for citizenship after five years of residency.

It is also essential to understand that the purchase of a property alone does not guarantee citizenship. In addition to the property investment, individuals must also meet the other requirements of the Golden Visa program, such as maintaining a certain level of investment and residency in Portugal.

In addition to the property investment option, the Golden Visa program also offers other qualifying investments, such as investment in a Portuguese business or the creation of at least ten jobs in Portugal.

Obtaining Portuguese citizenship through investment can be a complex process, and it is recommended to seek the assistance of a reputable immigration lawyer or consultant. They can provide guidance on the application process, investment options, and help navigate the Portuguese bureaucracy.

However, it is important to understand the residency and investment requirements of the Golden Visa program and seek professional guidance when considering this option. With the right approach and assistance, obtaining Portuguese citizenship through investment can be a rewarding experience.

What is the fastest way to get Portuguese citizenship?

Portugal has become a popular destination for investors and expats looking for a high quality of life, safety, and a stable economy in Europe. Many individuals are interested in obtaining Portuguese citizenship, which can provide them with the freedom to work, study, and travel throughout the European Union. Fortunately, there are several options available for obtaining Portuguese citizenship, with one of the fastest being through investment.

Portugal Citizenship by Investment

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is a popular option for investors who want to obtain Portuguese citizenship. This program allows non-EU citizens to obtain a residency permit by investing in Portugal. The investment amount required is typically €500,000 for real estate, or €350,000 for properties over 30 years old or located in low-density areas. This investment can be in the form of buying a property, investing in a business, or transferring capital to a Portuguese bank account.

After five years of holding a residency permit, investors can apply for Portuguese citizenship. This process involves meeting certain residency requirements, such as spending at least 35 days in Portugal per year. Applicants will also need to pass a Portuguese language test and have no criminal record. Once approved, individuals can obtain a Portuguese passport and have access to all the benefits of EU citizenship.

Why Choose Portugal?

Portugal has a lot to offer investors and expats, including a high standard of living, a warm climate, and excellent healthcare. The country is also known for its welcoming culture and friendly locals. The cost of living is relatively low, and the property market is growing, making it an attractive option for real estate investors.

Portugal is also a strategic location in Europe, with easy access to other EU countries. The country has a stable economy and has been attracting foreign investment for several years. This makes it a safe and reliable option for individuals looking to invest in Europe.

Personal Experience

As a Portugal real estate agent, I have helped many international clients obtain residency and citizenship through investment. One of my clients, a Brazilian businessman, invested in a luxury property in Lisbon and was able to obtain a residency permit within a few months. After spending five years in Portugal, he was able to obtain citizenship and now has the freedom to travel and work throughout the EU.

Another client, a British expat, invested in a small business in the Algarve and was able to obtain residency through the Golden Visa program. She has since fallen in love with the country and has decided to make Portugal her permanent home.

Final Thoughts

If you are considering obtaining Portuguese citizenship, the Golden Visa program is one of the fastest and most reliable options available. With a stable economy, a welcoming culture, and access to the EU, Portugal is an attractive destination for investors and expats alike. At our agency, we can provide comprehensive guides and support throughout the process, making it easier for you to achieve your goals.

The Portugal Digital Nomad Visa is an excellent opportunity for those seeking to work remotely and experience a new culture. With its efficient and transparent immigration policies and various investment opportunities, Portugal has become a top destination for digital nomads around the world. The real estate sector offers a wide range of affordable and high-quality properties, making it easy to find a comfortable and convenient place to work and live. With its thriving startup scene, beautiful beaches, and rich history, Portugal is a truly unique and inspiring place to call home. So, if you’re a digital nomad looking for a change of scenery, Portugal may just be the perfect destination for you.

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